Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Whip it up!

It's a W.I.P. Wednesday!  This is what's been whipped up so far.   Maybe a few more tulips are in order.  Of course the windows need sashings and the door needs a knob, hand stitches and a button is the plan, but who knows!
Doesn't it remind you of a Barbie Townhouse?
When I was a little girl Santa failed and brought me this instead.  Barbie can't fit in there!  Geesh!  
You know I don't understand the Barbie thing these days.  The worry over little girls wanting to look like her.  I mean really how many well adjusted girls really want to look like that?  I never did, who wants too look like a doll?  As a child Marsha Brady was my Idol.  Now that's a little more realistic.  I'm older now and just wish I had Alice here to do all the dirty work.
Well lets get back to the real world.  One more picture of some cute springy flowers.  Each block will have a different flower shape and possibly a different fabric for the house.   4 Blocks total.  Any suggestions on a name for this quilt?

~Lea Anne~

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  1. I love your house! I know what you mean about Barbie, if the Lord had blessed me with a little girl, I would have let her play with barbies. In fact, I had a ton of Barbies and never tried to look like her. What about all of these grotesque looking dolls people let their little girls play with nowadays?

  2. Love your house block! LOVE your house block! XO

  3. The house block is sweet and pretty. Like a Barbie house is a perfect description.

  4. this house is coming along a treat and yes a door handle would be a good addition! Barbie was before my time but my girls had barbie dolls and my granddaughter went through a barbie phase too. There was another doll too but I can`t recall what she was called which is really annoying me, no doubt the name will come to me sooner or later, age is to blame


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