Friday, February 28, 2014

Little lady

It's a friday finish!  Not a big finish but it still counts, right?  I'm sure most of you know about the Spell it with fabric blog hop, if not you should hop on over and check it out.  Free patterns and lots of giveaways.  Making a whole quilt just isn't in the stars for me right now, so I decided that one block would just have to do for now.  So I picked "L" for Lea Anne.  In the spirit of making it my own I wanted to add something to the block that started with the letter "L".  My creative brain wasn't working well, I came up with lizzards, lollipops, leaves, looney tunes, lipstick, laundry.  See what I mean?  So I was happy when this lovely little lady crossed my mind.  Much better than a lipstick wearing lizzard holding lollipops!
The "L" was made using scraps from the quilt behind the mini quilt.  Couldn't you just see the whole alpahabet  with cute little vintage images and scrappy letters?  What a fun baby quilt it would make.  Or in my case a cutie to hang on the wall.  
I had to alter the pattern a little bit for the little lady.  She's a freebie that I printed onto fabric using my printer and freezer paper.  You can find a tutorial here for printing on fabric.   The colors should have been brighter but I had my printer set to Economy...OOPS!  Oh well ink is too expensive to print again.  
With my Domestic machine I did a very simple stitch in the ditch and a little outlining for the quilting.
I also used a smaller binding, started out at 2 inches.  It's completely machine attached. And for the backing, a piece of red that really doesn't appeal to me.  So I made good use of it and I don't have to look at it.

~ Lea Anne~

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  1. Awww, love that! I should do a "b" for my wall. We're having ice this weekend so I'm officially going into mourning....Hope your weather is better! Take care! XO

  2. lovely such a sweet little lady, must check out about the freezer paper printing,

  3. That is such a cute idea, Lea Anne! You're so clever. I would need an "L" too. I agree that a whole quilt is not in the future for me. Besides, I am running out of wall space!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  4. I could totally see the whole alphabet made out of these cute vintage letters. Make an adorable quilt. Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Archives. V:)


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