Friday, February 21, 2014

No Sew Zone

I've not sewn a stitch in days.  Well let me correct that, I've not used my sewing machine days.  Today, I'm hand stitching some lovely fabric covered bottons.  
This all started when I made (2) tier curtains for the studio windows.  They are so white and pretty.  The dull brown furniture had to go!  One piece at a time.  The cutting table and ironing station are done.   Today I'm working on my sewing table and chair.  This weekend I hope to get my desk(not the blue top) and at least one cabinet painted.  Everything will be white and bright.  Oh I just notice that black stool....a little spray paint and fabric will fix it!  
See you in a few days!  Have a great weekend!

~Lea Anne~

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  1. When you are finished, come on over and do mine! I want a huge ironing station so much! No room for one or for a design wall. I know...waaa waaa XO

  2. lucky girl with this studio. I sew in the kitchen, love the tiled floor as it is so easy to sweep up all my mess but find the tiles so very very cold on my feet! Do you suffer too?


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