Wednesday, February 5, 2014

No pinning required tutorial(pic heavy)

I moved the furniture in the living and spread out my quilt pieces on the floor because my design wall can't handle this quilt.  I've also brought my sewing machine and cutting board to the dining room table.  The dining room and living room are one big room.  Makes for a great space when I need space.  My studio is just off the dining room, sew I can just pop in there for the pressing.  
The first couple of blocks went rather slow due to pinning. UGG!  Then it hit me I don't need to pin.  Why is it I always forget this nifty little trick.  So here goes the no pinning piecing.  Let me first say that these blocks were over sized and squared down using June Taylor Shape Cut Ruler.  Just line up the X and cut 2 sides, turn and do it again.  Perfect Quarter Square triangles.  
 Okay let's get this girl together, I've laid her out to the left of my sewing machine and lowered my stitch length on my sewing machine to 2.0.  
 ...flipped the center block over on top of the left row.   Working from the top down keeps your block in order.  So when you cut it off the machine it lays out just as it was sewn without cutting the units apart, that's the trick of this method.  Don't cut the units apart.  
 Because these were squared down to size they match up perfectly, no pinning.
 Only take one stitch off the fabric in between each unit. 
 The next unit down on your block will be butted right up against the needle and stitched, remember when you get to the bottom only take one stitch off the fabric then add the next unit.  For this block that 3 units.
 They should look like this when you take them off the machine. DON'T CUT THAT LITTLE STITCH, IT SERVES AS YOUR PIN.
 After cutting it from your machine it should line up perfectly with the last units.  DO NOT CUT APART THE UNITS YOU'VE SEWN TOGETHER ALREADY.  Flip the far right unit over on top of the middle unit.  
 You'll have the other units hanging down in your lap.
 Remember only make one stitch off the fabric in between.
 Due to bulky seams I've pressed my current seam open before .  If your block calls for pressing to the side then do that.  But DON'T cut the units apart.
 See still all together.  
 Flip the right unit on top of the middle unit.
 That one stitch holds the seams together perfectly, no pins!
 One last seam and this girl is done.
 Flip the left side unit onto the center and stitch.
 After your block is completely stitched together you'll need to cut that one stitch if your pressing the seam open.  If you press your seams to the side you do not need to clip this stitch.  
 My block is complete and perfect.  
 Look at that perfect point, and with no pins.  Isn't that a wonderful little trick?!

~Lea Anne~

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  1. That is great, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the block--can't figure out the tip...guess I've worked too long today. I have one of those rulers. Love the Hey Girl too! I have an entire Hey Girl section on my Pinterest

  3. Fantastic little tip, and surprisingly, I understood your directions!!!! Thanks for keeping it simple!

  4. perfectly done, I too strip piece, did all the economy blocks in strips of 25 must admit to having a few more stitches between each one though.

  5. Beautiful block! I have used this tip a few times. I should use it more! It works great!

  6. Yes, perfect. I must give this a whirl.


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