Monday, February 17, 2014

Little Pink Houses

"Oh ain't that America for you and me
Ain't that America something to see baby
Ain't that America home of the free
Little pink houses for you and me"

Some of you may recognize that song.  John Mellencamp song from my youth.  He's born and raised right here in Indiana, just a hop, skip, and a jump from me.  Well about 45 minutes away.  My boys think he's the greatest because they met him while shopping a few years ago.  Right there in the local mall with his kids, blending in with the local yocals.  
That song came to mind while taking these pictures.  They aren't pink, and they aren't little but they do resemble houses.  Construction stopped when I ran out of heat and bond light fusible.  Those red arrows are pointing to an ugly spot.
I used a cheap muslin behind a cheap gingham and the result....I'll be remaking them.  Hopefully reheating the pieces will help loosen fusible.  

 Well would you look at those darn leaves...UGGG!  And I was concerned that the blue crazy dot flowers were to whimsy for this quilt.  Seems that was the least of my concerns.  FIDDLESTICKS!
 Awwe....this ones my favorite.
Here's a quick EQ drawing of the finished quilt.

~ Lea Anne~

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  1. Your blocks are so pretty! Love the flowers and vines. Your background fabric is perfect.

  2. I love the vines framing the houses.

  3. So cute! Is this your original design? You should write a book or issue printed patterns. Seriously. You could sell a ton. Or even do patterns on Craftsy that are pdf's. I have a friend who's doing that and she sold 3000 patterns in 3 months! If I had the talent, I'd be doing that! You are so talented...why aren't you doing that? Nuts to free tutorials! Make some money honey-lol. XO

  4. Cute houses. I like that the appliqued part is Fusible. The only way to make that part.

  5. I think you're looking too close at your quilts. Tack it up on some wall and look at it from ten feet away! Remember the quilty saying: "If you can't see it while galloping by on a horse, then it's not a problem"! I do understand about thin fabrics though. I learned to back thin fabrics with another piece of fabric, usually white, after some sad accidents!

  6. I like the leaves! I think all of the flowers look great!

  7. I think they all look wonderful. I like the leaves.

  8. I like your appliqué work and don't see any mistakes. Perhaps you're looking too closely. Although, judging by the top of your page, you know what you're doing. Remaking blocks seems a bit drastic though.

  9. your leaves look good to me, like the whole quilt. I will take on board what another comment said about backing with extra fabric is fabric is thin, very useful


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