Monday, February 24, 2014

While the paint dries

Well I didn't reach my painting goal.  There's still one coat to put on the desk and two cabinets to paint.  Hopefully all will be done by the start of next week.  Crossing my fingers for sooner.  Even with all the mess I'm still playing with fabric.  I did managed to get the computer chair recovered, I'd show you but I'm thinking about adding a skirt to girly it up a bit more....we'll see.  For now I'm playing around with ideas for my sewing machine cover, it will keep me busy while the paint dries.  I cheated and used pre quilted fabric for the box shaped cover.  "The Plan" is to use washable glue to attach whatever design I choose.  That way if I tire of it It can easily be taken apart, wash out the glue and start over!  
OOOOH...Gingham Love
 This ones cute too!
 Its so hard to decide
 Vitage ribbon...not so sweet
 Can't go wrong with Cherries and Gingham.....Now to pick one, I like them all except the vintage ribbon.
 Well while I make my decision I can play with these little cuties.  Isn't funny the things you find when you start moving things around.  Hummmm...maybe I could make a panel out of these for the sewing machine cover....

~Lea Anne~

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  1. So many choices! I'm partial to the first two ideas. I don't have a cover for my sewing machine... never thought about it. Have fun playing... and painting!

  2. You choices are many, any of them will look great. I still have not made a cover for my machine as of yet. Need to put that on my to do list.. Can't wait to see what you are painting.

  3. what a nice idea to make a pretty cover, much nicer than the cover they come with

  4. Ohhh....Your sewing machine will look darling no matter which one you choose. =)

  5. Oh goodness me!! A sewing machine cover, wow I have 5 sewing machines...One is always in use, I love the one with the blue ribbon, but I am parchal to blue anyway, they are all very pretty, I love your blog.

  6. Very pretty little quilt and so neat! I am in awe of your perfect binding :-D


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