Monday, February 10, 2014

Beating the Blues

All across the U.S. it's freezing cold.  It must be the global warming?  My thoughts would be someones data is a little off.  What better way to beat the winter blues and the cold weather than by stitching up some spring projects.
There will need to be some redecorating in order to make room for my latest project.  Even though it sticks out like a sore thumb, for now it's home is in the Studio.
Using the template for the Cherry Blossom Marmalade block with a different scalloped that I struggled to draft.   And then finding this free little bluebird pattern.  I've tried several different methods of transfering patterns.  This wonderful Mark B-Gone pen and a light box works best for me.  
 To add the Lazy Daisies I drew 7 inch circle, folded the fabric 3 times.  The 4th dots in between were eyeballed....clear as mud?
 Leftovers from my boutique days were used.  Fusible batting  used in making purses, and cloths line that was used for basket making.  The fusible batting is dense and gives the pillow a nice sturdy form, keeps its shape well.  And the cloths line for the piping.  
Before adding the dresden I quilted the background on my DSM.
 Then added my dresden using a very tiny blanket stitch and some stitch in the ditch.
 60 wt.  Fufu embroidery thread 

 Piping is so easy and adds a nice look.
 Can you see the little french knots in the center of the daisies?  
 It's reverable!  
As scraps from this project were made I added them to the WIP design wall.  The yellow teacup stands out like a sore thumb with all the blue and pink.  Hopefully  adding the yellow print that goes along with this line of fabric will calm down the little cup.  Or adding more yellow flowers to the unfinished center block.  
Since your not going outside today due to the freezing cold and snow, you might as well hop over to Judy's and check out all the other design walls.  

~Lea Anne~  

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  1. Love your pillow! I sure hope it brings spring a little faster to you and to me! Your stitching is beautiful.

  2. You are right, I'm not going outside today! I love your pillow, I'm going to pin it! Could you do a tutorial on how to add piping to a pillow? I've never worked with piping, but I love the look!

  3. I adore your little blue birds! Those blocks are so cute! Thank you for the little eye candy to inspire me today!

  4. what a very pretty cushion and so much detail on it

  5. Oh so adorable! What do you do with your pillows? I'm not making any more because I have no place to put more. No-one in the family seems to want more.... It's freezing here (20 below zero wind chill) still but supposed to be...are you ready for this....70 degrees this weekend! I'm afraid to hope! I'm so sick of this cold weather and ice. BTW, I use Frixon pens for marking now. I love them so much! So easy to see and they completely disappear with ironing! Hang in's got to get warmer! XO

  6. What a beautiful cushion and the little birds are adorable! Thanks for sharing.
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