Monday, August 27, 2012

Finding hidden treasures...

I found these Cheater quilt tops in my stash while looking for a certain fabric.  It's amazing what you find!  These were part of an estate sale that I bought a couple of years ago. 

There's enough of both to make 3 quilts each!  Now will I ever do it?   My thoughts were leaning towards cutting them up and making framed blocks, pillows to match, maybe a wall hanging.  Then I thought maybe I should sell them.  Any suggestions?

And now the progress on my wall hanging...things have been slow, because I made some silly mistakes....

....But a few hours later and a couple of numb fingers there's progress....
Until next time QUILT OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, and make your fingers numb!

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  1. you could always use the fabric for the back of a quilt...or two xx

  2. I always seem to find treasures when I go searching for a certain piece of fabric. I make a mark in my mind and continue on my search. Then I go buy some more because I cannot find what I was looking for. Then I find the fabric.
    XOXOO Subee


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