Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whats your inspiration?

First off I want to say mom is doing well and bored to death.  Her surgery went well, and she's back to complaining!  She called the other day just to ask me how I stand being at home all day.  My answer....I SEW!  Thanks to all of you that sent your blessing her way.  Now send one my way because I'm having to deal with her while she's off work!....LOL...Love ya Mom! 

Now As everyone already knows Sharon Schambers is an amazing quilter.  An inspiration?  How could she not be.  But have you ever wondered where she gets her inspiration?  When I look at others quilts I wonder how, what, where, when, and who.  Just like a journalist I suppose.  In my simple little mind things just don't seem to click as they do for the Big Girls like Sharon.  So let me share with you what I found today while surfing for quilting ideas.  Architecture is a wonderful place to start, so I thought lets look up that on the Internet.... and then I thought why not just look up!  Literally !  The pictures will pretty much tell the story but all I'm saying is somebody has been looking up.  

These 4 are ceiling tiles.....stay with me...

.....still yet ...hang in there with me...painted ceilings

And now Sharon Schambers and her wonderful quilt!  See how they look similar?

Well now isn't that interesting!  Just take a google trip on Ceiling tiles and you'll be amazed at all the wonderful ideas that you come up with.  Not that I could ever make any of them but it defiantly gets the creative juices flowing.

Till next time Ya'll Quilt out of your comfort zone!

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  1. Agree. Inspiration can sometimes come from the strangest of places. Also it's amazing how your mind can correlate certain things.

  2. thinking of you ... and your able to complain mother!! x she MUST be feeling better lol x I find inspiration all over ... mostly when I am not looking ! xx


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