Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gaining control of my BHQ

Just thought I'd share how to get more control when quilting on a frame.  When doing small detail work your machine seems to want to fly all over the place.  Especially if you have a light weight like mine.  After doing hours of research I found that you can make rice I want to sew a bag.  NOPE!  The directions called for (2) 2 lb bags.   So I decided I would cheat and just roll up some yardage and it worked!  The other thing that you need to do in order to get more control is to lower your quilt till it lays directly on the bed of your machine.  You don't want to much drag or distortion of your backing.  Then lay your weight of choice up against you take up bar.  This works like a charm!  Micro handles also help a great deal.    You can get several different machine micro handles here. Mine have be modified by me. I know it doesn't look pretty but it functional.  I've also taken the front cover off of my machine for better visibility.

Now since my machine is so lightweight I've also weighted it down.  This stays on my machine all the time no matter what type of quilting I' doing.  Because of the extra weight added I NEVER leave my machine in the middle of my frame overnight, its pulled to one end or the other and parked.

And there you have it!  Nothing to it!  So until next time..."Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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  1. After reading this I took the cover off of mine too. :) I haven't worked with it off yet, but it gives me about .5" more visibility. (I just told my husband that we need to raise the frame last night because of this problem.) Does the light bother you at all? Also, why not just take off the bag of nuts and bolts at night?


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