Sunday, August 12, 2012

Granny Square quilt

Granny squares was a crochet pattern that my mom and grandmother made over and over back in the 70's.  But recently it been all the rage for online quilt alongs.  I first saw the quilt in American Patchwork Quilting October 2010 .  

 How cute that they took a crochet pattern and made it into a quilt pattern, and I love it!  Since then several TUTES and PATTERNS have popped up on the internet.  I recently won a fabric bundle of calicos that reminded me of the 70's and the Granny Square quilt instantly popped into my head.  These fabrics are from the Mr. K's Calico Gardens by Windham Fabrics and their
Windham Blendables .  Oh I almost forgot to tell you how I won them, Quilters Club of America !  I love being a member.  For me it's well worth the $30 a year.  With the discounts from Joanns and others it's worth the money to me.  They also give you a subscription to Easy Quilts Magazine and a year at which I love!  Do I sound like an advertisement yet...LOL.  Tons of benefits that you really should check into if you too are obessed with quilting. 
Until next time...Get out of that comfy computer chair and into your sewing space and "Quilt out of your comfort zone!"

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