Monday, August 26, 2013

Design Wall Monday 8-26-13

Its that time again already!  My goodness time flies.  Must be that we were having to much fun!  Well the fun hasn't stopped yet, hop on over to Judy's and see what fun other quilters have stitched up. 
So tell me...borders or no borders?  I've played around with my stash and in EQ and I just can't find a darn thang I like...any suggestions?  There's so many colors in the quilt, just about anything would work, huh?
Googling scrappy quilt borders gave me a few ideas.  So here's the ones that caught my eye.
 Looks like Katie  used the scraps of different sizes to make this border.  Love that binding idea....hmmm!
Ariane added standard Piano Key border, interesting corners...My quilt has 9 patches so this could fit right in.
Look at this beauty that Claudia made!  Looks like she just pieced scraps into a block and cut diagonally, then added the white square....easy enough.
I love the inside scallops on this little quilt.  Wish I could give you a direct link but it led me to pinterest and then a dead end. 
Well thanks for stopping by!  If you have any ideas for my border I'd love to hear them!  


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  1. Scrappy borders are fun, what about a strip of the background fabric, then scrappy squares and then another strip if background? Almost like the first but with all the same size as the squares in the quilt. Or even background, scrappy and background alternating, then background again. What fun, I love pieced borders. Great quilt.

  2. You could use the leaves and or flowers in a border.

  3. I like the pieced block border. No matter which one you choose, it will be a gorgeous quilt.

  4. When I saw your quilt and the question my first thought was a plain border of background fabric then piano keys then another plain border. Lo and behold, I scrolled down and saw it as one of your choices! It's a pretty quilt!

  5. Wow! all of the quilts shown are just stunning :)
    There's just no way I could pick a favorite, but I do really love the border on Claudia's quilt.

  6. I vote for Piano keys, they "make" a quilt!

  7. White scalloped borders with a red binding would fit well with the appliqué. Good luck!

  8. I love the idea of a plain background border. I think the center of the quilt is so pretty that you don't want to detract from it in any way. Lovely quilt and I love that flower pattern very much!!

  9. Your darling quilt is going to be delicious, with or without a is a Great quilt!

    The little one that you showed, with the scalloped edge is "Around the Garden in Miniature", made by Rebecca Yoder of Bristol, Indiana.

    All I did was drag the photo with my cursor up into my google search box & hit enter, then hit "images" & it will bring up lots of places where that picture is shown. Of course, many of them were Pinterest but if you hunt enough, you will locate the true source. I hate it when people don't give proper credit on Pinterest!!

    This was a lovely start to my day...thanks for sharing!

  10. I would do either Claudia's idea or a solid color, that way you do not take away from the pieced sashing, but that is just my IMHO.

  11. So many great ideas for my border! I've one in the works, doing the math is taking some time. Hopefully I'll have some progress to share in a couple of days.

  12. I know this is late, but I love the sashing you did with this. I'll be keeping it in mind for later!

  13. i really love this tulip quilt. so lovely!



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