Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More on borders

So I've had a chance this morning to play around in EQ.  I'm still doing the math because the technique I plan to use to get this look is a little different than EQ drawings.  If it works out on paper then this will be it!  Yep that's gingham in that scallop!  
Now this has nothing to do with quilting but I wanted to show the cutest old man in the world.  My DADDY!  Looks like a little yard knome....LOL!  Everyone loves my daddy, he's always full of old man stories to tell, and he never forgets a persons name!  As cute as he looks here if you don't like the site of blood stop reading here, the next picture is not so cute.

After dealing with this getting bigger in his eye and getting a bump inside the eye, he finally went to the eye doc yesterday.  It's not serious, doc said he coughed, sneezed or blew his nose to hard, basically causing a bruise.  Looks yukky!  But nothing a person can do for a bruise.

Well back to my math ...

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