Monday, August 5, 2013

DWM is Blooming!

Good Monday morning!  Did you get out of the house this weekend and enjoy the weather?  It's been so pleasant outside, the low 80's with little humidity.  Feels like spring.  Really we've only had one week so far that was unbearably hot.  Instead of enjoying the sunshine I've been working on my own little touch of spring indoors.  Since its a work in progress I've no idea how I'll set these.  Sashings in white, maybe 2" squares pieced scrappy, or maybe add a wavy frame to each block...who knows.
These tulips look familiar don't they?  Well I can not tell a lie, its not totally my design.  The tulip is a Lori Holt design from her Row Along.  Added a few ideas of my own to make it my own.  

 The red and green blocks are my favorite so far(cherry red, LOL)

It only took 12 HOURS to cut out all the pieces!  It would have been quicker, but I had to use up all the small scraps first.  There was very little layering and cutting.  The white was the worst!
 Even though this pile of white looks like its all the same, IT'S NOT, so I had to be very careful.  Snow white Kona, and white Kona are totally different!  Once they were all cut and I started piecing, YIKES, I cut wrong!  Luckily the cut was too big...shew... that makes things a little easier.  So I had to cut down the (176) 1.5 pieces to 1.25.  
 And of course there's little HST's to play with for a coordinating small quilt.  
That's it!  One big mess and a few pretty tulips.  I'm linking up with Judy, so hop on over to her blog and be inspired by all the Design Walls.  
Thanks for stopping by my little spot in Podunk!  I love to hear what ya'll think about my ramblings, so leave a comment!  I'll do my best to answer them all.


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  1. Fun flowers! I love the colors you chose. I also like the quote at the end of your post.

  2. This is so, so pretty - wish I'd kept the patterns from the row quilt now. I love it x


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