Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The big fish story

The one that didn't get away.  Every year Ross packs up and heads to the mountains for about a week.  He grew up in PA, getting back to the wild refreshes him, always coming back much happier.   He just returned from 10 day vacation Monday.  There's always the story of the monster fish that got away, well not this year.  What a big ole catfish!  Dinner for two!  Yep they ate the whole thing!  Fishermen don't need side dishes to be satisfied.
Below is Neil(the favorite fishing buddy) with his biggest catch of the trip.  And he's single girls!  If you live near Irwin, PA  he's quite the catch.  Super funny, hard working, easy going,  and really cute without the fishing hat to show off that bald head.  
But this is the best picture of all the vacation photos.  Just look at those clouds!  You gotta click on this one to make it bigger, gorgeous!
 Here in Indiana we don't have views like this.  Its pretty much flat here. 
 Just get me a lawn chair and some ice tea, what a view!

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  1. wonderful pictures x did you have fun while he was away? xx

  2. I thought the pictures looked familiar- I live @20 minutes from IreinPA, and since I work with my DH installing, sanding, and refinishing hardwood floors, we are in that area constantly.


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