Sunday, August 25, 2013

Gramps is home

gramps, me, lucy
 Finally he's home, lets hope for good.  Gramps is almost 91 and his wife Lucy is 88.  His wishes are to die at home.  No one really likes to talk about these things but lets face it, its a part of life we all are destined to do it.  
Now can you believe that someone in my family made Lucy cry today?  Oh that compassion thing really gets me.  Why? you say.  Well, I wanted to jump and smack the offender but compassion is about understanding both sides!  So I took many, many, many deep breathes and carefully chose my words.  Defusing, and restoring peace wasn't easy.  Communication is at it's worst right now for this family.  Lies and deceit, alliances, oh yes we've a real life reality show going on down here in Podunk!  This could replace Honey BooBoo!   Death can bring out the worst in folks.  Oh you know why....$$$$$$$...Yep he may look poor but he's loaded.  I've nothing to gain from his death, so it's easier I suppose to be neutral.   Oh well tomorrows another day!  See ya'll for DWM!

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  1. any stressful time causes rifts in families xx try and stay neutral and cover the cracks when you can xx

  2. That is so sad, money always brings out the worse in people. I hope he has a will written out so that you do not have to deal with that stuff. But we'll just pray he has many more years to spend with you and his wife!


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