Saturday, August 3, 2013

Girl Talk

One week a month I can't stop, my mind or my body.  The creativity is at a high.  Its that week before the "special" week.  Nothing is clean enough, no job is to big for me to start, and the ideas flow like water out of a bucket.  There's this overwhelming urge to do it all!  Go big!  So here's what I just HAD to make before it drove me insane inside  my brain.  I wish that I could take all the credit for the block.  But it was inspired by Lori Holt and her Row Along.  It was row 13.  Someday I plan on making her row along quilt, so I saved all the tutorials to a flash drive.  So glad that I did.  
 The real problem with getting these urges is that they are short lived.  As soon as my hormones level out I always say to myself "what was I thinking!"  
 These sashing strips are 1"!  And there's a bunch of them!
I've a long way to go before this one gets done. 
What was I thinking!  Yowsers!

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  1. I would love nothing more than to go through all of your quilts! I love them all!

  2. Your are on a roll this year with a lot if finishes. Way to go.


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