Friday, May 16, 2014

Flimsy Feedback Friday

It's getting closer to being folded and stuffed in the waiting to be quilted drawer.  All the swags are stitched down, now the hard part will be the feathery plume thingies and circles.  It would be much easier if my machine would let me mirror image the tiny stitch.  In order to stitch the inside of the swag all of the quilt bulk is in the machine. 
Usually by this point a name for my quilt has already been decided.  I'm drawing a blank again.  It could be because my mind has been on other quilt designs.  The last three nights have been at my desk putting my ideas on paper and in EQ. 
So what do you think?  Have any suggestions for a name?  Do all your quilts have names?   My grannie didn't name her quilts.  Why do we feel the need to name and label them all?  Pretty sure this one won't make the quilt hall of fame, so it's okay if I skip the label and name thing.  Rationalizing laziness.....

~Lea Anne~

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  1. I love how your quilt is turning out, but I'm also drawing a blank for a name, so no help here! I didn't name my quilts until I started blogging and I wanted folks to know which quilt I was talking about in my ramblings. I'm still not very good at naming. I also freely admit that unless I'm giving the quilt away to non-family, it doesn't get labels either. In the unlikely event that my quilts survive that long (I make them to be used), some quilt historian of the future is free to curse me for my lack of foresight!

  2. How about "Ruffles and Flurishes".

  3. I think you should make a label, because it is a gorgeous quilt and you deserve any and all credit for making it! I really feel like "bunting" should be in the name. I spent a while looking at your pictures of the overall design and the close-ups. It you like alliteration, perhaps "Buttons and Bunting" since you have the circles, which could almost be buttons. I still don't feel like that's exactly it... My only other contribution is "Checkered Swag," and I have to say I almost don't like that. Hopefully either you or another commenter can come up with just the right thing!

  4. My husband suggested Star Bright. I like Ruffles and Flourishes, too. I thought it looks like birds in flight. Maybe Flying above the Clouds. Good luck. Your work is beautiful.

    Leslie in MN

  5. this is a real beauty sorry though no good at names, have not named mine so far. Yesterday spent time with a friend showing me her EQ5 version now feel a great need to have one of my own just the cost needs justifying as I also need a new laptop decisions decisions

  6. I never name my quilts, but your quilt is so beautiful you do need to put your name and the date on it. I love it!


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