Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Girls

The self imposed deadline for the Hummingbird blocks was not met.  To be honest the repetitiveness of them was boring me to sleep.  All I could do was walk away and play with quilt ideas that were bouncing around in my foggy brain.  The weekend was a total washout because of my brain fog and Mothers Day activities.  Monday however turned out wonderful even though I never touched my sewing machine.  Momma needed a chauffeur to the doctors office.  Afterwards we did some shopping.  She tickles me when it comes to shopping.  She loves second hand clothing shopping.  I don't think she owns an outfit that costs more than $10.  Well that is if you don't count her shoes and undergarments.  Yesterday she needed Spanx, tummy control.  Here's where her logic gets really silly.  She will pay $68 for a pair of granny panties but when we started looking for her a new bra she refused to pay $40.  Why make your tummy and toosh look good if the girls are flapping in the breeze?  Oh well, they're her girls.
But look at my  new girls!  $3 each!  WOOOHOOO!   Hot and heavy.  The steam still works on them but I don't use steam.  Of course momma thought I was nuts for buying a 1950's era iron, she just bought a new expensive Rowenta.  It's almost a guarantee that my old, but new to me will outlast her new fancy Rowenta.  
Somehow this jumped into the shopping cart.  Like I needed more cherries in the studio.  Blaming this one on momma...she's the one that said  "it's ONLY $2, you have to buy it"  What was I to do?  Disobey my momma?  Like the saying goes...."If momma ain't happy, Ain't nobody happy"  So I  made her happy and me happy! 

~Lea Anne~

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  1. I bought myself an old travel iron like that and I scorched my quilt blocks, so I sold it. I have another one, but have not tried it yet.

  2. Love your cherry "thingie" (whatever it is). I believe I called it on finishing your butterfly blocks. hahaha (still laughing)

  3. wow underwear is expensive in the states. Like you I have an old iron, it does not even have a steam function, not one but 3 i have as you can`t buy them anymore so picked them up as and when I could, I do have a steam one too but rarely use it. Love the cherry pot, bright and cheerful

  4. What a good daughter you are. Glad it also made you happy.


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