Saturday, May 31, 2014

He loves me, he loves me not

What little girl hasn't played this little game with a flower?  Maybe that's why we love flowers so much.  The association of the handsome prince riding in with a large bouquet picked just for us.  It's right up there with the fairytale weddings and white picket fence lifestyle.
Try as I might I couldn't get the daisies out of my head yesterday and before I knew it...
I had pulled out another stack of yardage and was considering another design, but why cut into yardage when there's still tons of scraps.  There still may be another daisy quilt with a colored background and white flower.
So I tossed around a few ideas on paper until lunchtime.  Then while eating lunch I searched for online inspiration.  Finding this free pattern here at Daisy Janie.  Nice little pattern.  Much smaller blocks than what I wanted to make.
My block at 26 inches long will make a quick quilt!
 Do you recognize the leaves?  It's the same style that's on the cherry quilt from last year.  And tons of white space for quilting.
 After my test block the wheels are in motion for 12 more blocks.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. A lot of sweet patterns from you lately. You are really tapping into the inner child :))

  2. That's one sweet block!! You are such inspiration.

  3. I love it! I can't do patterns like that out of my head!

  4. Pretty and fun! Looking forward to watching your daisies grow.

  5. You are simply amazing...! The daisy block is so happy - I love it.

  6. this is going to make a very pretty quilt, I do like the way you have used the white in the flower, makes the yellow looks as if it is floating.

  7. You are so clever!! What a darling pattern!!!


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