Friday, May 30, 2014

Morning inspiration

One of the best things about living in Podunk is the sunrise.  Early mornings can be a spiritual event every morning.  The happy singing birds are calling me to take my coffee outside.  It's one of those picture perfect mornings with low humidity, the air is crisp and clean with the sweet smell of honeysuckle.  And my all time favorite flower is in full bloom.  Is there anything more simple and lovely than the Daisy?
Since they're my favorite I've planted them all over the property.  
 I sat on the back porch swing and enjoyed a cup of coffee.....
 In my minds eye I can see myself in Laura Ingals style running through a field of daisies...... 
...In the distance there's a yellow and white farmhouse, white gingerbread wrap around style porch, white wicker porch swing with yellow and red floral cushions trimmed with red gingham, red front door, hanging true happy place.  I'd take you for a tour inside but somethings are left to your imagination.
Well after a brief moment in la-la land it was time to come back the reality and get busy.  What that really means is that I want to make a daisy quilt.  I pulled some fabric, tossed around a few ideas in my head.  But when I looked around the studio at the 3 current projects and one on the frame....sigh...This will need to wait...bummer...but it's a cute idea that I think I can make into another freebie maybe in a week or two.

~ Lea Anne ~


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  1. Daisies are my favorite flower too! I love sitting on the front porch and just smelling the air!

  2. Daises are very pretty but I do curse the mini ones that grow much much faster than the grass I find I am not mowing the lawn, just the daisies.

  3. Hi Lea Anne! I love daisies too, they have the lovely effect of making me smile as soon as I see them. The same happens with poppies and sunflowers, humble flowers but with a very positive effect on one's mood. By the way I loved the scrap happy baskets tutorial so much that I'm making a wallhanging out of it. And a daisies wallhanging? yes, as soon as you release the tutorial. Thank you so much!

  4. love the daisies .. they are my daughters favourite and always make me think of her xx NOW I will always have a picture of you running down a hill! Hopefully staying upright for the whole journey!! lol xx

  5. Beautiful daises! Hope you get to start on your new project soon. I love the fabrics you've pulled for it.


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