Monday, May 5, 2014

Getting loose and hitting the wall

 For those of you that are Nascar fans you know what "getting loose and hitting the wall" means.  For sure a pit stop and sometimes your completely out of the race.  Thank goodness I can recover from the little tap that has brought my race to a screeching halt.  A quick pit stop for a bolt of Kona White and I'll be back in the race.  
75 hummingbird blocks out of 196.  The plan can still be on track if I work hard to make up for the lost time.  So yesterday evening I switched gears, stitching down the applique on my large house blocks.  
Here's whats left of the Kona white scraps.  As each Hummingbird block is finished I'm cutting the scraps into 1 inch squares for a leaders and enders mini quilt.  The little square container is whats left after cutting the squares.  So pretty, maybe I can find a use for them.  
 The Glorified Nine Patch is on the cutting table nicely folded and waiting in line for more Kona White.  This project ruined my ironing station and my mini ironing board.  Instead of recovering I decided to try something new.  WASHING THEM!  I removed the fabric, serged the edges, and threw them in the washer with a bit of bleach.  Wondering why I've never done this before.  For some reason I've always just thrown out the starch stained fabric cover and bought more.  Funny how being to lazy to run into town will make a gal thrifty.  
So what's on your Design Wall?  We'd all love to see it!  Head on over to Judy's for Design Wall Monday and link up.  

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie is from Cornbread and Beans Quilting

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  1. LOVE your hummingbird blocks! And your little tin of scraps looks like it will make a beautiful little quilt. Good idea about washing the ironing board covers. I haven't done that either... did the stiffness come out of the fabric?

  2. Those hummingbird blocks are gorgeous!
    My pressing surface was made by my husband, it's a two foot square piece of plywood with batting and then muslin over it. It is getting pretty grungy after using some starch. I wish I could take the muslin off and wash it. I may have to add another layer instead.

  3. Love the colors and the blocks are great.

  4. Loving the humming bird quilt so far.

  5. this is coming along so very well and love the houses you have apalliqued (sorry about the spelling!) on, are any scraps too small to save!!

  6. I was watching the videos for Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube and one guest said she irons on a sheet of freezer paper to her entire pressing station/surface before beginning pressing. That way any residue from starch, or scorching starch is on the freezer paper which can easily be replaced, and not on the muslin or cotton press in board cover. I found this to be an excellent suggestion, so wanted to pass it along to you. Hope it helps.
    Rae (

  7. You have lots of pretty stuff going on in your sewing room. Hope you've been able to recover from your need to re-stash.


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