Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lost Treasure

Okay, long story short.  When I moved into Ross's home I gave almost all my possessions to my children.  No need to have double of everything.   As the years past  many of the family treasures were lost due to a long list of unfortunate circumstances.  However the one thing that I didn't give away were the baby boxes.  For each child I had a tote full of memories from birth to the time they left home.  I had also made one for myself of things from my childhood to current.  My two boys were visiting a few days ago and they both seemed so well adjusted and mature it seemed like a good time to give them their boxes.  They had a blast looking at all the memories.  Anyway....When I opened my box I found these!  I thought they were long gone!  I almost cried.  
 My mom made this for me when my daughter (the oldest,26) was born.  I used it with all three children.  It's just a panel quilt but it was well loved by all.
And then there's this one that's even older.  I made this in a needle work class while in high school.  It too was survived usage from all my kids.  All the new things we buy can't replace the memories of these two items.

~ Lea Anne ~
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  1. how wonderful to have saved so many treasures. I remember I disposed of all my school reports etc and childhood things when returning to the UK from Australia to keep the cost down of shipping so many things. I do still have quite a few children book though that I could not part with!

  2. That is such a sweet post. I'm so glad you have these memories. Have a great holiday weekend! XO

  3. How great to have such special pieces that just picked up all that love and then keeps radiating it over the years.

  4. Your are so right. What precious memories.


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