Thursday, May 15, 2014

Keeping busy

Just thought I'd share what's keeping me busy and quiet.  It's as quiet as a mouse, no TV or radio.  The only sound is the rain hitting the window.  It's times like this that make me wish for a tin roof.  And then I think about how it would sound if it hailed, maybe a tin roof isn't a good idea.  It would sound more like your home is under attack. 
Tedious tiny invisible machine applique.
 Are you a storm lover?  Not saying that I love storms but I do like watching the dark clouds roll in and the lightening at night is natures fireworks.  However I know that with all it's beauty there's always damage somewhere that's heartbreaking.  We've had minimal damage so far this year.  This week one of our old apple trees fell during a storm.  Gotta look at the bright side, cutting it up and using it for campfire cooking is the good thing about it falling.  
My poor old Lobo(German Shepard) doesn't like storms.  While coming in from putting away some garden tools before the storm Lobo about knocked me down to get inside.  He's an outside dog and doesn't like being in the house.  But he's smart enough to know when to take cover. So I let him stay down in the laundry room overnight.  Funny how animals know whats coming without watching the News.  Makes me wonder if humans once had that ability.  Wow I really should turn on the radio or TV, my deep thoughts aren't very deep today.  
on my way to 196 blocks
~Lea Anne~

Freebie from Sewing by Moonlight

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  1. My daughter has a big old lab who is fearful of storms. She had to buy him a Thunder Shirt to keep him calm.

  2. Your quilts are so beautiful! Charlie is afraid of storms too. I think it's because he was tied up outside for a lot of his puppyhood. He was just at the mercy of the elements. He's so weird though...he wants to be on top of my head. If I'm laying down, he lays on my head. If I'm sitting up, he tries to climb me to get there. I don't know if he's protecting me or he thinks that, in the event lighting hits, I'll ground him.... I think we still have some of that "storm awareness". We've had two horrible tornadoes here and one of them actually had the strongest wind ever recorded. I felt a sense of "impending doom" all morning before both of them hit in the afternoon. I was north of the actual tornadoes-about 5 miles away. Anyway, guess I'll get back to work. XO

  3. I do love watching the clouds rolling in and watch any weather changes. I think I get that from growing up in Indiana where you can see for miles. I still like it even though I now live in the VA mountains and can not see as far.

  4. glad we do not get bad storms but I do miss the sound of the rain on the windows now we all have double or triple glazing.

  5. My cat, Muffin, is terrified of storms and runs under my husband's desk when one hits.

  6. I love the way this quilt is progressing. It's going to be gorgeous when its done.


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