Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bailey Home Quilter Followers

For those of my followers that own a BHQ I've some information requested from my last video.  There was some question about the template I was using.  This book is out of print and a little hard to find.  Amazon has it new and used.  Personally if I can find a book used I buy used.   So here's some links to the book and template.

This link is for the book and CD.  I'm not sure if the plastic template is part of the deal.
Just click here  to go to the site.
For the plastic template only I found three sites here, here, and here.

Book only here and here
Now for those of you wondering what in the world this is all about, this is the book I used to learn FM feathers on my domestic machine years ago.  Handy book, great illustrations.  The plastic template was great for learning to draw the perfect feather.  I no longer use this template for feathers but I do use the edge for drawing the spines of a vine on my quilt borders.  

And I also wanted to cover where I purchase my thread.  I use mainly Invisafil  100 wt thread.   

  The best prices that I can find is at Soft Expressions.  Anything 70 wt or higher gives me the best backtracking and doesn't overwhelm the quilt.  


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