Thursday, March 27, 2014

He's running wild!

Just wanted to warn you.  It seems the sewing gremlin is on the run and he may be heading your way!    He spent much of yesterday in my studio misbehaving.  My guess is that he snuck in while I was folding laundry.  Sneaky little (BLEEP)!  No one really knows how they get in or where they come from but I tell you he's real!  Possibly related to Big Foot.  You know the kind, sneaky, no actual proof that they exist, but it seems 1 in 5 people have an eye witness story to tell about the creature.   Who is he and what does he do?  The sewing gremlin sneaks in and causes machines and tools to malfunction for no apparent reason.  He loosens screws when your not looking, and have been known to sneak up while your cutting your favorite fabric and move the ruler.  

Long story short this was my day.

  1.  Expensive white quilting thread was stitching black.  It took 4 hours to find and fix this issue. 
  2.  Domestic machine skipping stitches and making bird nests on the bottom
  3.  Printer jams while printing a hand embroidery pattern.  
  4. My photo editing software locks up while editing yesterdays post. 
  5.  The stitch regulator sensor wheel falls off my longarm. 
  Calgon take me away?  I don't think so, I was thinking Irish Coffee where the heck are you?  Have you ever seen a movie where the actor gets mad and clears off a desk in one dramatic swoop.  Or they start grabbing and tossing expensive breakable items?  That's what ran through my mind, I could see myself having a fit, tossing my machines on the floor, beating them with hammers, ripping things off the wall.  Luckily my inner childlike voices have very little control over my actions.  But I'll tell you if I could find that little gremlin that caused all these issues may god have mercy on his soul!    
Beware!  He's gone for now, but he may be headed your way.  I'm not really sure because I didn't see him leave but I think he headed south.   So grab the sewing machine oil and curse real loud, it seems to run him off almost everytime.  In extreme cases you many need a lint brush and screw driver also.   Ranting and making a fool of yourself on the phone with a sewing machine dealer or computer tech seems to have an effect on him also.  Let me say I'm sorry if he happens to land at your place today.
Good Luck!

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Don't send him back here now that things are back to normal here. Over the weekend Willie was misbehaving. I didn't have th patience to deal with it at the time. Went back to it last night and now everything is fine!

  2. I've seen him. He has a blog and a twitter account....

  3. I have to load a quilt today on my longarm - I will keep my hammer near just in case....

  4. There are days and then there are days like that! I'll have to find my sewing machine oil for sure now.

  5. Was at my house before I left for vacation. Hope he is gone when I get back.

  6. keep him your side of the pond please he is not welcome in the UK, thanks for the tips though if he does dare to appear here. Re oiling the machine my bernina says I must not oil it, had it over 20 years and not a drop has gone into it. Good to here he has now left you in peace and make sure your doors and windows are locked to keep him out


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