Friday, March 21, 2014

It's not complicated

A simple table runner pattern calls for a simple quilting pattern.  Admitting that sometimes it's hard for me to do simple quilting.  Especially when I quilt on the frame.  My original plan for this runner was tons of ruler work and micro quilting.  While pinning this to the frame the internal battle began.  It took some convincing, reminding myself that it's "Git'er done mode".   Grabbed those handles on the machine I said just do it!  
Sometimes quilting out of your comfort zone doesn't necessarily mean doing something complicated.  
This quilting looks simple and some of you mastered it long ago and could do it in your sleep.  For me it was a challenge.  I do meandering, stippling all the time, on a smaller scale.  So my muscles automatically want to do small wiggles.  
Love the back, because I love to see quilting.  
This one is for Ross, so I put it on the Dining Room table where he could see it when he came home.  

~Lea Anne~

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  1. No matter what you do, it always looks amazing! XO

  2. I like plain stippling. Simple.

  3. That looks great adn the straightforward stippling is exactly right with it I think. I loved your cartoon at the end too.

  4. Very nicely done, the quilting looks great. I like the sign at the end too.

  5. very nice and I so like plain fabric on the back, as you say it shows the quilting off so very well

  6. Your quilting is beautiful. When I grow up.... :) I can do the meander on small quilts on my machine, but have not advanced beyond that. You quilting is always gorgeous. Love the stole you covered, too!


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