Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A wee bit of Irish tutorials

There's no denying that my dads side of the family is just a wee bit Irish.  My grandmother on my dads side was about 5' tall with red hair.  One of the most happy go lucky little ole gals you could ever meet.  And she was a quilter in her later years.  Inspiring me in so many ways.  After digging through all my pictures for hours I could find no pictures of grandma.  However I did find this one of my cute little ole dad.  All he needs is a little green suit and a pot of gold.  He too has a wonderful spirit that people are drawn to.  My kids love to visit grandpa and listen to many stories that I've heard a million times.  Not only does dad have an amazing talent for telling stories, he also never forgets a name.  If you can't tell by now I'm a wee bit of a daddy's girl.  I could go on and on about his many wonderful talents and accomplishments.   How about instead I share a few Irish quilt projects that will make you dance a wee little jig!
What would I do without Pinterest?  It helps me to keep track of all the great free projects that I'd like to make.  Lindsy Weight over at Fort Worth fabric studio designed and shared a tutorial for this happy little pillow.  Just a wee bit cute!
Amanda aka Jedi Craft girl designed and shared her Lucky pillow.  This one has a zippered closure in the back and a wee bit more applique.  It's a fun way to learn a new skill such as installing a zipper.  
Although this ones not green it's 100% Irish.   You can find this great tutorial for an Irish Chain over at MessyJesse's.  Uses a wee bit of scraps in the  large 18.5 blocks.
So were you a wee bit inspired today?  Are you a wee bit tired of the phrase "wee bit"?   Well if you want a WEE BIT more inspirations just take a look at the linkies over at Free Motion by the River.    

~Lea Anne~

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Irish chain. The people is super sweet too.

  2. Those pillows are wonderful. I've always loved the Irish Chain quilts.

  3. Love the Irish chain. Happy St. Patrick's day! Shhhh, my oldest is proposing to his Irish cutie on Monday!

  4. Great photo of your dad, I can see him having fun on St. Pats!! Cute pillows. Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  5. Plenty of cuteness here including your dad!

  6. love the pillow, struggle to understand pinterest, have joined but no getting on with it.

  7. My husband is Irish, I wonder if I can make him that pillow in time? no, maybe not LOL
    I always tease him, although his hair is brown, his beard grows through ginger. I say to him "Ooh your Irish is showing" :-D
    Interestingly enough, here in the UK, it tends to be the Scots who use the word "wee".

  8. I'm with you - Pinterest is fabulous for getting inspirations and I just love your Irish projects, thanks

  9. I have one picture of Grandma that Amy posted to Facebook a couple of years ago. It is a picture of her on her birthday holding one of those old folks gag gifts canes. You can tell she is tickled by it. I have tried to upload it into this post but I cannot. If you want it, I can try to send it to you another way. :)


    1. That would be great Stephanie! Here's my email.podunkpretties@gmail.com
      I just realized I don't have a email me button on my blog! I'll be fixing that today!


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