Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Falling back

Every quilter has there way of designing.  The younger generation uses a lot of techy gadgets, and the older ones paper and pencil.   It's stereotyping, forgive me, it's just an observation.  Granted some of you grandmas can show the young'ns a thing or two. Well I'm not sure I fall into either category.  Maybe somewhere in between a spring chicken and an old crow.  Maybe that makes me a Love Dove!  Sounds good anyway.
Normally a few quick markings on a quilt and the stitching begins.  For some reason that is not the case with this one.   
Falling back on an older method  used when first starting Longarm quilting.   Gathered up my tools.  Printed out a block in black and white, no need to use expensive color ink.  
 Draw and redraw, groan and moan.  4 ideas, one made the cut.
 A dry erase marker could be used, using a sharpie because it doesn't get on me or accidentally get wiped away until needed.  The rubbing alcohol makes quick work of this and dries fast. 
The day wasn't a total loss.  See, made a huge mess!    
 This is my way of concentrating.  Keeping the hands busy on a simple project while the mind is busy drawing designs. Once it comes up with a few ideas,  just grab the paper and pen and let it flow from brain to paper.   Crazy I know.  But while drawing I'm usually thinking about cooking a chicken or how to layout the garden.  The designs above were drawn at about 10pm after having my own private Strawberry Festival.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I love this idea for designing a quilting. Quick and easy. I'll keep that in mind for the next time I don't know how to quilt a top. Thank you!

  2. That's a great idea for getting your design right the first time.

  3. I agree with everyone! What a great idea! I assume that the feathers won out? Love your tulip quilt! Do you need my address so you can send it my way when you get it finished? XO

  4. Thanks for sharing your "process" -- I call it "smoldering"!?!

  5. Lots of great ideas. I don't quilt my own projects, I'd be really stuck if I had to come up with that too.

  6. I use this technique, but have never consider doing 4 different designs within the same motif. Thank your for sharing.

  7. think this is all a bit beyond me, such lovely designs I so admire your talent


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