Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Almost Invisible

It's coming a long at a turtles pace.  Still quilting the first block.  It's more trial and error, finding the quickest route for quilting the block.  The pictures have been enlarged in today's post so you can see the stitching.  I'm using my favorite thread, Invisafil.   Super fine polyester thread, its 100wt is hairlike.  A little bit more expensive than most threads but cheaper than silk 100wt.  Soft Expressions  has the best prices that I can find.   However  having the best prices also means sometimes it's back ordered.  Well worth the wait.  The longest wait has been 2 weeks.  I can live with that.
It backtracks beautifully.  The numbers below show how many times I've stitched in the same spot.   Another great thing is I can use the same thread throughout the entire quilt.  On the picture above you can see how well it blends into the green tulip leaves.  
With any product there's pros and cons.  The only con(besides the price) is when burying my thread tails the self threading needle will shred this thread if I'm not very careful.  The trick is to hold the thread taunt.  And a little spit on the thread helps it slide right through.
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~ Lea Anne~

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  1. Wow!! Your stitching is just wonderful and I think this is really going to be beautiful!

  2. This is going to be beautiful. Thanks for sharing about the thread. I think I may need to go shopping :)

  3. Oh great...something expensive that I now have to try.... Your quilting is amazing! I see you picked the cross hatching...not the feathers. Love it! XO

  4. Just ordered a spool of that thread to try. It cost $4.80 to ship for one spool of thread and $10. for the thread! Yikes!

  5. The quilting looks gorgeous!

  6. wonderful straight lines. Interested to read you are using a polyester thread, I was lead to believe that cotton thread must be used, I do use a poly to put the blocks together which I have been told is also incorrect something to do with the poly thread being stronger or something, please advise what you think is best for a beginner

  7. You are using a self threading needle in your longarm??? Huh.

    Invisafil tips if I use it in my longarm,Gammill?? I would love to use it but stitching at 4000/spm may be a bit much for the thread. Any tip are appreciated!! Amie :0)


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