Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Could it be called Modern?

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Another UFO down!  Yeah!   I'm really lovin knocking out these forgotten quilts.  The feeling of finishing is much better than that feeling of starting.  Does that mean I'm cured of piling up UFO's?  Only time will tell.  Every year is started with the good intentions of bettering ourselves and starting down the road to a better way.  But in the end most of us revert to whats comfortable.  
 They say the road to recovery is being able to admit you have a problem.  Problem #1  I love the adrenaline rush of a new project.
 Problem #2  When mistakes are made I want to give up and burn the quilt.  Oh yes I've an anger issue!  I'll admit  a couple quilts have been cut into little pieces(again) and and put in the fire pit.  It felt good to let go of issues that were beyond my quilting abilities.  
Of course this quilt wasn't without issues.  Fullness in the center, but with a fluffy poly batting and a little extra SITD quilting it's barely noticeable.  And then you have the operator error issues and picking stitches out because I was pushing myself to get a finish by last Friday.  After regrouping, calming myself, and picking a ton of stitches she was off the frame Saturday Evening and bound on Sunday.  
  One of the most important things that I've learned as a quilter is that we see every mistake because we made them.  Others need to search to find them, hopefully!  So we might as well just leave them and be happy that THEY need to search.  
All in all I'm very pleased with the finished quilt.  Its a bit more modern than my usual quilting, don't you think?  It'll be a nice addition to the Studio wall.  I'm struggling with the name for her, for now I'm going to call her Parasol Parade. 

~Lea Anne~

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  1. I'm glad you didn't feed this to the fire pit :). It looks great. I agree that the rush from a finish is just as high as the one from starting something new. Just think, you can get a rush twice for each quilt!

  2. Love it! Like a Burst of Springtime!

  3. I love the quilting you made on this quilt, yeah for another finish!

  4. so glad it didnt go in the fire x I have been know to "chuck" projects .. this means throwing into a certain corner where they drop into a big bin!! Sometimes they come out .. sometimes not!

  5. I love modern quilts! Yours is stunning :0))

  6. you could not have picked a better name, parasol parade really suit. So much quilting this really is stunning. I struggle a bit with what is modern, have joined a modern group, they seem to use very bland colours and a lot of grey and white

  7. I love it. I hope you're glad now that you kept going with it?

  8. Your quilting is gorgeous! Love the quilt.

  9. I love this quilt! I think it's gorgeous! LOL I see that I'm not the only one with a ton of UFO's.

  10. I've loved this quilt since the first time you showed it. I had thought it looked like a parasol, so your name is fitting. I really admire you for attacking those UFOs and getting it done. I wish I could absorb your determination by osmosis through the blog! Beautiful!


  11. Love this!! Love everything about it...the piecing, the colors, the pattern, the swirl of fabrics, and the gorgeous quilting!!!! I can not see any problems you think you had. I think this is awesomely quilted. A beautiful wonderful awesome quilt and another finished projects. Yep, all is great!! Am proud of you.
    Rae (nrhaller@aol.com)

  12. I'd love to see a tutorial on this one.


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