Friday, March 7, 2014

So I'd like to know where

You got the notion, Said I'd like to know where you got the notion.
To Rock the Boat, Don't rock the boat Baby.....LOL!
I know some of my older followers will remember this song.  It's such a fun one to sing.  Well anyway while piecing this quilt made with the ocean wave block I was trying to think up a name.  I was coming up blank.  Lots of ideas but none of them that had real meaning.
Thank goodness for internet surfing...pun intended! Searching ocean songs, wave songs, and beach songs, poems and Images, much time was wasted.
It couldn't be just any title, this little quilt was quite a chore.  Mini quilts are much harder than full sized.  A few Sailor words have been tossed around the studio in the last week!  
 Not all the points are perfect but seeing how these HST's finish at 3/4 inch I can live with the occasional missing point.
I tried to somehow work in tulips or flowers into the name.   The scraps for this quilt came from the larger quilt you see in the background.  You can find more information about it here.
 Meet "Love and Devotion"  The name came from a line in the song "Rock the boat"  
Our love is like a ship on the ocean
                 we've been sailing with a cargo full of, love and                devotion.  
 It fits perfectly!  Lots of Love and Devotion went into making this little quilt (17x23).  At times I wanted to quit.  
 The binding and the backing are from my older yukky stash.  I like how it looks as a binding but EWWEEE!  Not a fabric on my love list.  
Another mini down and one more to go before I return to the design wall quilt.  Enjoy your weekend, hopefully the snow is melting where you are and you can get out and enjoy some warmer temperatures.  Its supposed to be in the 50's here this weekend and 60 by Monday!  Wow!  60....seems like forever since we've had a day over freezing.  See you soon!

~ Lea Anne~

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  1. It's a perfect name and an awesome quilt. I love it!

  2. Oh I love how it came out! You are so thrifty using those scraps! Do you need my address so you can send it to me? Just let me know. We had a 70 degree day today! 70! And we're having snow and ice tomorrow....sigh.... XO

  3. Your quilt turned out great. We are having the same kind of temps here in MO.

  4. great name and yes I remember the song, It is hard to imagine doing such small triangles, this quilt is a real delight

  5. This one is on my bucket list. Love your version of it in spring colors.

  6. What a precious quilt and great name.....I remember that song too! I agree that mini quilts can be a lot harder to make than regular quilts especially when you are working with 3/4 inch HSTs!!

  7. OMG! I remember that song and now I can't get it out of my head....LOL
    Your mini-quilt is adorable and hard work with all those tine half squares.
    Two thumbs up!!!

  8. Great quilt and I like how you searched for a name for it. I'll have to keep that strategy in mind :)


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