Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Freebies

Another week has just flown by.  Sadly I've no Friday finish to share. So I put together a collection of blogger freebies.
Barbara over at Cat Patches tickled me pink sharing her quilting woes and this free pattern.  
 How many times have you bought a layer cake then couldn't find a pattern.  It's the forgotten precut.   Trish from Notes of Sincerity  has designed several free layer cake patterns.  Her latest is "Bartholo-meow's Reef Boxes for Brayden".  Don't forget to check out her tutorials on the right side of her blog.
How darling is this!  What little girl wouldn't love to add this to their Tea Party!  
The tutorial along with some cutie patooties enjoying cake can be found at Stitchnquilt.  Elaine must be a little girl at heart!
Want to learn  applique and hand embroidery?  Cori from Creativity Among Chaos has tutorials each month for these amazing little fruits.   The real surprise will be the finished project.  She's keeping it a mystery.  You can join in the fun here.
Janet over at Simply Pieced happily took on the challenge of her first pattern tutorial in three sizes!  
Christa Quilts  has teamed up with Camelot Fabrics for her first free pattern.   Just follow the link within the blog post.  You might also want to check out her Aurifil thread  giveaway here.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. Thanks for sharing those! Love tutorials. I've been looking for a sewing machine pattern! That's a cute one! Have a wonderful Friday! XO

  2. thanks for all these links, the cake looks yummy

  3. What great patterns and I think I have been to all the blogs except Cat Patches......cute sewing machines!


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