Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bigger is better

When it comes to chocolate and money bigger is better.  In this case big is bad. While working on a small wall hanging yesterday I ran into an issue.  So I thought I'd share with you my results.
 The longer stitches on the right looked sloppy,  shortening the stitches on the left gave a smoother finish to the little scallop.
By enlarging this picture it's going to run into my side bar but I wanted you to see the difference in stitches.  (Maybe I should rework my blog template also) This is a small blanket stitch, about 3 threads wide and 4 or 5 threads long.   You can see on the right my progression . Reducing my stitch length every few stitches until on the last scallop it looks smooth and more defined.  On the left side you can see the entire scallop is stitched with the smaller length.  Satisfaction!  Don't even bring up the shadowing, I seen it and decided on this project to leave it.
Did you know that tomorrow is the first official day of Spring?  In celebration of Springs arrival I'll be sharing a free wall hanging pattern with you.  Yep it's the one in the pictures above.  

~Lea Anne~

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Melanie said...

Love your new header!!!

Teresa said...

I love your new site - I would love to have my own blog - but have no idea how to do it. Perhaps you can offer some of us tips on how to make our own blog. I love that Cherry Quilt - I have all the fabrics (for months) just haven't gotten to it yet - but I can't wait to make it. Love your blog.
tgreen at asis dot com

Nrhaller said...

Thanks for sharing this great tip. I absolutely love the gorgeous cherry quilt in your header. Stunning!!! Thanks for your blog posts too. I love reading them.
Rae (

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