Wednesday, March 5, 2014

It's almost over

So enjoy it while you can.  100 degree days are just around the corner.  Sometimes you just need to go outside and enjoy the moment, make the best of a bad situation.     My buddy Lobo likes to sunbath in the warm 32 degree sun.  It's better than the 20 below we had, right?!
A  much needed break from the mundane indoor tasks.  So I grabbed Ross's coveralls and my lovely hat....  Beverly at 44th Street Fabric this ones for you!
 Not the prettiest snow angel, I think I need more snow!  Well I'm not wishing for it!  They're calling for more later in the week, but it'll be immediately followed by warm snow melting days.
So who wants to join me in making the seasons last snow angels?  Come on girls!  It'll make you feel good I promise.  Laughter is the best thing for the winter blues, make the best of it and make an angel... who cares if the neighbors think you've finally flipped your lid.  They need to make snow angels too.  Share an angel on your blog or send them here, I'll post them for you.

~Lea Anne~

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  1. Love your angel! No snow here but enjoying the cold knowing the hot is coming!

  2. No snow angels here but man oh man, it's cold! I live just outside Nashville. Schools are closed if we think we may get 2 snowflakes lol.
    I don't have a blog bc I'm not all that interesting but I do have FB. I can post my finished Cherry quilt there or just email them to you :0)
    When I found your blog on Pinterest, I KNEW I had to do one up! The happy cherries,the red and white, the cheerfulness sorta yanked me out of my funk. Love it!
    Treadling again today again. Going to pick up 2 more vintage sewing machines too! One is PINK! Yes!
    Have a great day girl, Amie

  3. Har Har.... Seriously, I'm really proud of you! You are in shape if you can #1 get down on the ground to make a snow angel and #2 get back up! XOXO

  4. You certainly look well wrapped up for your tom foolery!!
    No snow at all this year here in the north of England, hope I have not spoken too soon as we sometimes get a bit as late as april.

  5. If you need some more snow for a really good snow angel, I can send you some! The snow drifts are to the top of my car on either side of my driveway, and knee high where there are no drifts in the front yard (in northern Illinois). I'm afraid that if I were to try to make a snow angel, I would sink and disappear, and they wouldn't find me until May!

  6. I should have done that Monday, all of the snow is melted now and we only have slush left. My cat, Oreo, loves to play in the snow. He throws it everywhere!


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