Sunday, March 9, 2014

The reality is....

While going through my UFO's this week it hit me that over half of them were either quilt alongs or BOM's.  AH-HA!  I see a pattern emerging.  It's time to talk to the inner self and find out why.  Let me tell you that the inner self(child) has a lot of excuses.  What can you do other than deal with them.  It seems that interest is lost in the waiting game of these types of patterns.  We made the decision to no longer start them when they are posted.  Only save them, and then when quilt along or BOM is finished, if the desire to make the quilt is still there then I'll make it.  In the meantime the ones that have collected under my cutting table will be finished as is.  
This one I'm sure most of you recognize.  Its Lori Holts Quilty Fun.  My plan was to make the blocks in advance and wait for the setting instructions.  ADHD kicked in full force and I moved on to other things. 
One of the quilters that I follow posted a lovely quilt, completely quilted with this wiggle stitch you see below.   I wish I could find that quilters post to give her credit.  So if you're reading please send me an email so I can give you credit for inspiring me to use it.  I love it!
 Now the only problem with this stitch was me.  My quilt wasn't moving through as freely as it should, causing a distortion.    
 Not all the blocks in the quilt came from the book.  I had two hummingbird test blocks that needed a home.  With a little added sashing they fit right into the quilt.  You can find the free pattern at Red Pepper Quilts.  I bet you're wondering "Why two test blocks of the same pattern?"   Because one was paper pieced and the other was paperless paper piecing.  Paperless won this this test.  It's not really paperless, there just no paper to tear away.  
 The backing fabric is from a curtain  made for my daughter years ago.
 It feels really good having another finish, and one less UFO.
 Next UFO on the to-do list.  It's not a BOM or quilt along, but it is a cutie.  Why did I let this one set for so long! 

~Lea Anne~

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  1. Oh, sister, you are playing my song! I have exactly the same issue! Maybe having ADHD is something that half of the quilters have. The other half are perfectionists who get everything finished before they start something else. I was sorted into the ADHD group somehow so not my fault! That's my story anyway. I have blocks from the Virtual Quilting Bee, from Country Threads, from the Aurifil Challenge, from Quilty Fun, from the Great Granny Quiltalong and more. I think you're right! It's too long between. The only reason I got Lori Holt's Row Along quilt done was that a new block set came out every 2 weeks. Good job! Love your quilts BTW! XO

  2. I have so many incomplete projects from last year, finishing them makes me seem really productive this year :)

  3. oh well done x Dont you find you ask yourself... WHY did I not just get it finished!!? lol x well done again x

  4. good to see you have been working on this quilt, when I did embroidery I used to work one project at a time but that seems to have vanished now I am on the quilting route!

  5. I have found that most of my UFOs are from classes I took. Sometimes I feel a little lost after the class without the teacher there to explain things to me, especially if the class was taken at a quilt show. I keep telling myself I'll get back to them, but then something new comes up. I really like the large spiky thing. Wonderful colors and a fun pattern.

    audsgirl from QB


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