Thursday, June 26, 2014

Go ahead...Laugh

If this doesn't humble a gal nothing will.  Yep that's me.  Not one of my better pictures.  One of my blog followers said they would like to see me in my berry picking gear.  I took it more of a "double dog dare you!"  Well here you go Margaret, scary huh?  The long sleeves were smothering me, by the time I'd get back to the house I would be soaked with sweat from head to toe, and physically weak.  So yesterday I bravely tried short sleeves and taking a break at the halfway point in the property.   I also decided to get rid of the garden hoe and take the machete.  
 It serves two purposes, protection from critters, and protection from thorny vines.
 Lobo always goes along with me as added protection.  Not that I want or need him, he takes it upon himself.  Never getting out of eyesight.  Occasionally he'll  take a dip in the pond to cool off and get a drink.   It's funny how  he doesn't feel a need to protect Ross when they go for walks around the property, Lobo always takes off on his own.  What makes him think I need the protection?   I'm glad he's there you never know what can jump out of the weeds!  
hunting for squirrels while waiting on me
 I've never seen the vines so loaded with berries.  Yesterday another gallon of picked raspberries, that's about 3 hours of sweating.
 No picking today!  Yeah!  I'm going to do some sewing.  Hopefully I can get a flimsy done by tomorrow.  

~ Lea Anne ~

Another great block tutorial from Julie at The Crafty Quilter
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  1. That's great! Your dog loves you and wants to help the only way he can!

  2. Oh I spent HOURS picking wild berries when I was a kid. They don't seem to be as easy to find here in Virginia.. at least where I live. The jam and baked goods were delicious from my hard work! Hope you were able to get your top done today.

  3. My mouth is watering. Raspberries are sooo expensive in the store, I rarely get any.

  4. Wow I wouldn't want to mess with you :)

  5. Well, I think the picture is great. :) and how amazing dogs are! I went blackberry picking once...didn't have the outfit and ended up with a tick on my belly! I was was in my early 20s and a bit of a melodramatic girl, I started screaming and stomping around until someone held me down while they pulled it off! Then they taped that little bug to the calendar and when I asked why they said in case I got sick!! NO MORE berry picking for me! you're so brave. :)

  6. Your raspberries look delicious! And you look suitably attired for the task at hand.

    My guess is your pup is just as protective of your husband, he just wanders a bit further away.

  7. Those raspberries look scrumptious. I'd love to be picking right along with you...despite the heat and the bugs! The rewards would make it so worth it (says the one who hasn't been sweating with the bugs)!

  8. Well, I just managed to pick myself up off the floor....yes, I was rolling around laughing. I keep thinking of all the things on tv right now about the horrible terrorists that are threatening the USA. One look at you and they would be running back to whatever Middle Eastern hell hole they came from....hahahahaha... I'm buying myself a machete! So cool.....I don't have a color printer or I'd frame that picture of you! That's what I want for my birthday...a framed picture of you in that outfit! hahahaha

  9. you are certainly well dressed for the job!!! The berries look so tasty and to think all it took was a lot of sweat and work to get them for free. Thinking of having a go at the blossoms of hope block just thinking at the moment

  10. LOVE this picture .. made me laugh over my breakfast x My dogs follow me all the time .. I say its love .. the family say its because no one else would feed or fuss them like I do x

  11. I love berry picking, but I only last one day for about two hours! Thanks for spotlighting my latest block tutorial. Have fun with all of your berries!


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