Friday, June 20, 2014

Jungle Garden

Excuse the purple tint to all my pictures today.  I think my camera is trying to tell me that its a good color.  For some reason almost every picture I've taken in the last 2 days has a purple tint.  PURPLE!!! Yuk.  
When you look at something day in and day out you don't always see it as it really is.  Our wooded area in real life didn't look so dense until I took these pictures.  It looks like we've planted our garden in the middle of a jungle.  That's why there's a fence around it.  Deer will walk right through a garden, destroying anything in it's path.  They really don't like to eat anything in there, they just want to be nosy.
For the last 3 years we've not had a good tomato crop.  So this year I'm focusing most of my attention on them with the hopes of canning salsa.  So far so good.  But now the jalapeno and bell peppers for the salsa are having issues.
 We also planted a few more green beans than normal, they're growing on the tripods and fence.  As a child I didn't understand Jack and the Beanstalk, but now I do.  I think beans grow a foot a day!
 We ate our first zucchini harvest last night, there's always enough to share with just about everyone we know.  Now if we could just get the acorn squash to produce as well.
 After last years bumper crop of cucumbers we decided all we needed this year was enough for fresh produce.  Hopefully I won't need to can anymore pickles until next year.
 Look at my pretty tomato's!  Can't wait for a tomato sandwich!
 My camera would not focus on this little pea(below).  They too pop out overnight. We picked a bunch last night and this morning there's more ready to be picked.  I kid you not this little guy double in size overnight.  They'll have to wait.  This morning I'm going black raspberry pickin. 
 If you've never been it's so much fun.(sarcasm)  Because wild ones grow in the most unfriendly places where bugs and critters thrive.  I'll suit up in long sleeves tucked into gloves and tucked into pants that will be tucked into socks, with a garden hoe for protection and to pull the vines closer.  My waist length hair will be put up under a bug repellent sprayed do-rag.  It's also tick season here in Podunk, so I'll spray my cloths with bug repellent before putting them on.  I know some of  you are thinking "NO WAY"  but really those tasty berries have a much richer flavor than the hybrid vines that you can buy.  The real fun thing about this about this adventure is its humid and hot when black raspberries ripen, and even hotter when the blackberries ripen.  Well maybe I'll sweat off a couple of unwanted pounds this morning.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. There is nothing as satisfying as a garden. We enjoyed our first BLTs last week and they were amazing.

  2. Wow--a he-man woman! You go! Your garden is beautiful. Wish I lived close enough to be on your "gotta get rid of all these extra veggies" list! XO

  3. gorgeous garden my sweet and your stitchings are a sight to behold

  4. good to see the veg etc are growing so well, happy fruit picking, trying to picture you in your protective gear, you should share a photo with us!

  5. I am sure the berries will taste better for all the effort you put in to get them xx


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