Sunday, June 8, 2014


While helping clean my gramps house the other day my mom asked me to put one of her step mothers items in a box we had labeled "Lucy" and bring back the roll of tape.   On the way to the box I saw the lid to a candy dish that we had been looking for, I grabbed the lid and set out to find the candy dish.  While looking for the candy dish I ran across the glass globe that went to the oil lamp base we had set aside.  While putting the globe with the lamp I saw the blue canning jars labeled for me reminding me I had stuck the lid in my back pocket, and beside the the jars was box of Lucy's things.  At this point mom had come looking for the tape and not happy about it.  I explained to her about being side tracked.   She shook her head and asked how I ever get anything done if I'm so easily sidetracked.  
The point of this story?  You all know me, I jump from one project to another....So here's what I've been up to!   This has a center medallion that I planned on using this same red floral fabric.  I cut the center pieces first...bad idea.  Well when I was cutting for the surrounding blocks I realized I wasn't going to have enough.  So what can I do but sew the smaller strips of fabric back together that had been cut for the center and pick another fabric for the center.  There's 4 blocks like the one below.  Not pretty but it works.
 It took some digging to find another fabric for the center.  I'm not completely happy with it but it works.  Since the quilt is sorta small I'm quilting it on the Domestic instead of the frame.  Don't you just love the quick and easy quilts?  Hopefully, if I don't get sidetracked again, this will be done in a day or two.

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I'm the same way! Easily distracted...that is a sign of a brilliant, creative mind. Oh, are you going to do the Nested Churn Dash? XO

  2. That's definitely frustrating, but the changes look fine.

  3. That is why I still have not finished the king size quilt for my bed after a year and a half!

  4. don`t worry I think most of us get side tracked, I know seeing everyone`s blogs makes me want to go in so many different directions and you being side tracked meant missing pieces were found. Quilt is looking good would not have known there jhad been a problem with fabric etc

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