Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I ran out of background fabric for my Daisy quilt.  Instead of cleaning the studio or catching a few dust bunnies in the house....EQ Playtime!  
 The pattern is Nostalgic Christmas by Lynn Wilder.  She's an amazing quilter, teacher and designer.   Lynn shares her love of quilting over at Sewn in Wild Oaks  Blog.   I've never seen a quilter that can whip out a hand applique quilt as fast as her.   
Below is the quilt I made using the Nostalgic Christmas pattern with vintage Christmas cards printed onto fabric using my printer.  
 Also a pillow for the spare bedroom.
I've always thought it would look super cute with these cute little vintage girls I've been collecting on Pinterest.
 Another idea for this 18 inch block would be to make a quilted calendar holder.  Do you remember those from the 80's?  Great for when you have an ugly calender.
Three blocks was enough to give me a good idea of how it'll look.  You know a quilt pattern will stand the test of time when it so versatile.  
 Girls I think your looking at my next quilt.  It will knock out a lot of scraps.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie by Jill Finley
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  1. how lovely the quilt with the Xmas cards, and the cute pictures will make a great quilt, so much to see and enjoy in the centre blocks

  2. Lynn will love this, with all the checked fabrics you're planning to use.

  3. It's a great plan. Hope you get the chance to make it happen.


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