Monday, June 2, 2014

Enjoying the moment

 Little progress has been made on the daisies.  Honestly it's because I enjoy them just like this.  So why not just stop and enjoy the moment.  

Hop on over to Judy's and fill that quilty void with Design wall Monday projects.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's Freebie from Riley Blake

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  1. Another great block! And your fabrics..... wow! LOVE those colors. Good luck with the final cleaning day at your grandparents property. The treasures we find....

  2. I love the daisy. It's so tall and pretty and I see you will have several beautiful colors too.

  3. What a beautiful daisy and fun fabrics!!

  4. Aw yes, why not enjoy the moment. Great flower.

  5. Oh boy, I love all the pretty colors.
    You are so right about enjoying the moment. That's what I try to do each morning while puttering around in my garden.

  6. Beautiful colors. It's going to be a stunning when you get it all done. You are right to stop and enjoy the moment, it's easy to feel like you have to race to get it done.


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