Friday, June 27, 2014

Flimsy Friday

Here it is!  The lighting in the studio is horrible this morning. So I wanted to show you the truer colors of the quilt before showing the quilt.  Even with my limited photo editing skills the rest of the pictures are wishy-washy.
There's no purple in this one.  LOVE the flowery Shabby style, don't you think?  What?  You thought that just because I carry machete when picking berries that I'm not a girly girl!  I suppose I'm a Gretchen Wilson type of girly girl.  For those of you that aren't country music fans she's a Country girl with attitude.
 These have been in my stash for about 10 years.  The green vines are not part of the collection.
 That roof fabric isn't part of the line either but it is Walmart fabric.  I bet your wondering the line of fabric. 
 I bought these a Walmart!  Can you believe it?  Remember the good ole days before Walmart decided to stop carrying fabric?  Well they had a quilt of the month program.  Each month I'd get the free pattern along with the fabrics for that pattern.  I think I've only made one of the patterns.  It's not LQS quality, but let me tell you something.  The older Walmart fabric makes the softest quilts.  I actually love working with them.  Even after washing they don't fray like some of the more expensive LQS quality fabrics.  Now don't get me wrong I also love designer fabrics, but I'm no fabric snob.  If I can put a stitch in it, I use it!
The plan for the quilt was much larger, about 90 x 100.  But one thing lead to another.... it finished at 64 x 76.  Nice lap quilt or large wall hanging.  More than likely it'll end up in the spare bedroom as a display quilt.
There's plenty of fabric leftovers for another!  I've already started cutting.  Oh the shame when there's 3 WIP already on the design wall.  Here's a snippet of my plan.  This one will be bed size and super simple.

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie is from Cluck Cluck Sew
Click here for the tutorial

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  1. I love those blocks! My Walmart still sells fabrics. We have the distinction of having the most cross and unpleasant clerks to cut fabric in the Tri State area! But, the fabrics are as good a quality as some of the well-known name brands but are $3.50 a yard to $5.50 a yard. And, btw, you look adorable in your "berry picking, varmint killing, tick repelling" outfit! Just a normal Southern girl who wants jelly....

  2. I have a lot of the old Wal Mart fabric and it works great for my budget. Our local Wal Mart brought back the fabric. I remember picking black raspberries and blackberries on my grandfathers farm in Ohio, before I moved to Ia.. You have to dress for it otherwise suffer from all the scratches.

  3. Your quilt top is just lovely. It will look great on a wall! My Walmart brought back fabric, too, but it feels so stiff and uninviting. Maybe I should buy a little and see how it is after washing and drying it.

  4. My Wal-Mart carries fabric! They have some cute fabric too, although not a large selection.
    Your flimsy is great, I had a flimsy today too so it is Friday flimsy!

  5. very nice, I do like the fabrics here, hopefully we will get fabric in our Asda here as it is part of Walmart but I will not hold my breath

  6. Our Walmart got the fabric back recently! I was pleased to see it in my store.=)

  7. Very pretty blocks. I've not seen fabric in our Walmart ever!


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