Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

Yesterday was spent running errands, taking mom for pre-op tests, 
and shopping. 
 Since I've a couple of family members that read my blog I should mention that mom will have Carotid Artery Surgery on July 2nd, with an overnight stay in the hospital.  Nothing major really, just cleaning out the gunk so the blood can flow to her brain better.  We all knew something was wrong with her brain!...HEHE!   
Well before spending almost 3 hours at the hospital we hit the thrift stores. 
 And for $1 ...I couldn't pass up these homemade gingham pillowcases.  
 Coffee cups $.25 a piece.  And a few 100% cotton items to be cut up for quilting fabrics.  Each priced under $2.  Look at that bottom piece...
 I've found that when thrift shopping for cute up-cycling fabrics, little girls cloths and nursing uniforms usually have the best 100% cotton prints.  The first 4 at the top are homemade items from 100% cotton.  The PURPLE is manufactured pajama pants.  Another good source for 100% cotton clothing is adult summer dresses.  
I know that some quilters won't use anything but name brand quilting fabric.  They have been convinced by the manufactures that it's better.  Do you really think they would say it wasn't?  It's called marketing, they want you to believe that only quilting fabric can be quilted.  Personally I think cotton is cotton.  And it seems to me Bonnie Hunter has made a pretty good living  proving the fact that you can mix LQS quilting fabric with up-cycled clothing.  If for some reason you've not heard of Bonnie you can find her blog here.  

~ Lea Anne ~

Today's freebie is a video from Bonnie Hunter on how to debone a shirt for quilting.

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  1. What finds! I save old 100% cotton clothing - dress shirts, chino pants, pajama pants - that have a cool pattern or sheen to specifically use them in quilting. My grandmother, my inspiration for quilting, always used old clothing. Today, even though she's gone, my mom and I can look at her quilts and pick out fabrics from her old shirts and dresses. She really had a challenge with color due to limited materials (she wouldn't pay more than $2 a yard in the 80s), and to me, her color choices are very interesting.
    Best wishes for your mom's surgery!

  2. I have yet to venture to the thrift store for quilting fabric, but it won't be long. I am wanting some embroidered table clothes for including in crazy quilts. Why re-invent the embroidery when I know there is lots of it out there. Who cares if there are stain, I'm going to cut it up anyway.

  3. Thank you for sharing about recycling cotton, and sharing Bonnie's blog. I've learned so much from her.

  4. I mix fabrics all the time! There is no way I could afford to buy 100% LQS fabric. I love those cups!

  5. I just "deboned" a bunch of men's shirts and have them ready to cut into pieces for a quilt. When I told the man cashing me out at the thrift store what I was doing with all of the men's shirts, he about cried. I told him I would show him one of my creations!

  6. All the best to yur Mum on her op, I am sure she will feel much clearer in the ehad when unblocked.

    Some good thrift shopping, here our shops seem expensive now, have seen some glasses that were cheaper in the origional shop than the charity shop!! they are getting greedy, I rarely have success but keep my eyes open I think the staff keep all the decent stuff for themselves!


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