Tuesday, June 17, 2014

That bundle

While cleaning the studio this morning I ran across this bundle of Civil War Jubilee by Moda.  Moda is great fabric to work with...when it's in your color pallete.  Now don't get me wrong I love civil war quilts and have made a few.  This is my sweeties color pallete.  
So I'd like to make a quilt with these but really have no clue.  I've googled, searched all my books and nothing seems to be the right pattern for these bold prints.  There's a free pattern that uses this line...yukky and boring.  I'm almost at the point of cutting them into charms for a simple quilt.  Funny how color will stifle your creativity.  If this were a bundle of Pam Kitty or Lori Holt fabric the ideas would come pouring out of my quilty soul.  

~ Lea Anne ~

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  1. I've come to appreciate the reproduction fabrics more over the past few years, but I am right there with you... bring on the bright and happy fabrics! You will find the right pattern for your fabric, and your quilt will be beautiful.

  2. It's hard to believe it's been five years, but here's what worked for me when I used Civil War type fabrics:
    I combined several different patchwork blocks, and all those changes keep my engagement with them much higher than if I'd used a single block.
    I hope that might inspire you.

  3. How about a rail fence quilt?Something simple to go with the simple colors. It would also be a quick quilt to make.

  4. Take a look at Edyta Star patterns for Laundry basket quilts, lots of nice patterns that work in this color palette. I'm making Common Bride in a similar colors to your bundle.

  5. how I giggled when I read you stumbled across this fabric, if only I had fabric to stumble across. I would love to have stashes like this

  6. If you throw in lots of a light fabric such as Kona Snow, it can change the whole look of the fabrics and lighten them up no end. Or how about a log cabin with those as the darks and then a variety of white/neutrals.

  7. I think the cover quilt of Kim Diehl 's book Simple Comforts would make good use of those fabrics. You would also have lots of scraps which I love.


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