Monday, January 28, 2019

~ Designing a project with Judy ~

A few months ago my neighbor and new quilting buddy Judy Stanton and I were fabric shopping.  Judy fell in love with  "Love You" by Sandy Gervais.  She immediately asked if I could help her make a small project with a charm pack.  Before we left the store she knew exactly what she would be making and had purchased all the fabric. 

For some reason we just couldn't seem to find the time to get the project started.  Finally it's winter and things have slowed down for the both of us and it's time to get this party started!  The Dresden's were decided on months ago so we started cutting and piecing those without having a set in stone design.  As Judy cut and pieced we discussed what she wanted the finished bed runner to look like.   Sashing, no sashing, room for quilting, very little quilting and of course size.  I like that Judy has ideas and isn't relying on me to read her mind.  She could be a designer if she really wanted.  She has a great eye for color and design.  You can see this as soon as you step foot on her adorable farm.   She loves to decorate and is amazing at doing so!   Anyway, this Dresden block is her baby.  She took the designer reins and started adding pops of color and when that wasn't enough she added the Yo-Yo.  I couldn't help but notice her designing stance is pretty much the same as mine.  She stares at the block, cocks her head to one side....hmmm...cocks her head to the other side....well...."what if".  And the magic began.  She played with several ideas until she was satisfied.  But the designer in me knows this is not set in stone.  Judy might change her mind before its all said and done.  Which is fine by me, that's how I design also!  The finished product is always a surprise.

Before heading home I had taken some notes about what she had in mind for the rest of the bed runner.   This is how all of my quilts start.....scribbles.

We need a plan for the blocks.  So to my EQ7 program I go.  EQ7 allows for quilters to add fabrics. You can scan in what you have in your stash or for newer lines you can get the images for free from most manufacturers websites.  Not all fabric companies do this but I knew Moda was one that had images available.  This makes designing so much easier.

 I found the "Love You" fabric with a quick search and had it ready to use with in 5 minutes.  Easy as pie.  So let's start baking up something sweet!

Using my notes and a little bits from our conversation I worked up a few quilts.  I won't be giving my opinion on any of these because this is Judy's quilt.  She will need to decide if any of these are what she had in mind.   There's no hurry so we can change these as many times as she wants.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

 Option 4

Option 5

Option 6
This one has solid corner stones.  The circles are representing the 2 circles and a YO YO just like in the middle of her real Dresden. 

Do you have a favorite?  Wanna make one along with us?  I don't know how long it will take or when the next part of this project will be posted.  We are flying by the seat of our pants.  Judy has an important engagement coming up in February that will put this on hold for a week or two. 

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