Thursday, January 17, 2019

~ UFO Plan B ~

Day 6 of the Podunk Studio Cleanup. Who would have thought it would take almost a week to clean and rearrange the studio. Am I really that messy?  Or am I just that slow.? More than likely it's a combination of both.  In my defense we re-purposed a couple of things and that meant bringing out the big boy tools like saws and screws.  In the cleaning up process I found a fairly new UFO.  This was started last year about this time.  And since everything was nicely organized and handy I staged a glamour picture.

My original plan was to make this a leaders and enders project.  It would be perfect if I could actually put the process into action.  I've said it before and I'll say it again.....I'm a get it done kinda quilter.  A one track mind.  One project at a time.  Organizing the leader and enders is easy but making it work is more work than I want to do.  So a new plan needs to be put into place.

Plan B:  Sew one Block a day, first thing before sewing anything else.  Sounds like a good plan but so did the leaders and enders.  I can do this!  It's not that hard.  It's just a little change in the daily routine.  So if I stick to this plan you should see a finished quilt top in about a month.  A little advice....don't hold your breath.  I'm a creature of habit, I like to think about change but as we all know change is hard. 

 It would be nice to have a new quilt in the spare bedroom.  All the squares are cut and ready to be assembled.  I planned on cutting the white background fabric from the scraps of whatever quilt I was working on at the moment.  But if I plan to do a block a day I'll need to cut from  yardage or my big box of white scraps.  Maybe that would be a better idea.  The whites are different shades of white but I think it would be okay.  Yep that's part of the new plan B...amendment 1a-01: cut white from white scrap box.  Lets hope this is the first and last amendment to Plan B.

All the really hard work has been done.  They are sorted into scrappy little piles.  I tried to arrange them so there was only one of each print per block.  How many fabrics total?  I'm not sure exactly.  But if I had to guess I would say around 30 different prints.  Not a lot for a scrappy quilt but enough.  I'll get a better count once the stitching begins tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to playing in this box of fabrics.  Blue and Yellow is my favorite spring color combination and I use a little touch of spring right now.  We've got another big snow storm coming this weekend to remind us Spring is still a few weeks away.  So what's your favorite spring color combination to work with on these long winter days?

Today is the last day of the Studio cleanup and organizing.  The last thing to do is to hang my quilts.  They have been waiting in this tote for 6 months due to the construction going on in the house.  2018 was a very dusty year.  Since everything is clean and organized I plan to do a video tutorial of my studio tomorrow.  Many of you have asked over the years for a peak into my Studio.  It may never be this clean again, so I better show you while I can.  

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  1. Love the blue and yellow together. Makes me think of sunny warm weather. It's supposed to dip below 0*F this weekend again.

  2. I love these colors together! Thanks for staging the glamour picture. You are wayyyyy better at pics than me. I could learn a few things here. Photography is not my thing. I sew in the dark half the time and am so excited to just take a picture and post it.

  3. Blue and yellow is a favorite combination from childhood. I always loved blue, but had a blue and yellow bedspread and my sister had the same one in in pink and green color combination. They were daisies. I have made a few things in blue and yellow, but not that many, so maybe I need to get cracking and make some more items in blue/yellow. Looking forward to seeing your studio. I can't seem to remember or do the leaders and enders either. I can sew on and off a scrap, but I don't do it with the intention of doing 2 at a time quilts. I think I get too easily distracted (SQUIRREL!) and my attention goes to other things. I can plan several quilts at once, but I sew on one at a time.

  4. Blue and yellow always look so good together! I like your idea to use scrappy whites. No problem if you run out of one particular fabric, and no "dye lot" issues if you use many different fabrics. Plus, you get to reduce some scraps!


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