Monday, January 7, 2019

~ My Reveal of Good Fortune ~

First off I would like to thank sweet Miss Bonnie for sharing her talent with the online quilting community.  As a designer I know how much time and effort goes into every design.  From start to finish its hours of making sure you have dotted every"I" and crossed every "T".  Miss Bonnie is honest and true to the art of quilting.  She breaks the rules and that's why she is loved by many, including myself.  I've read every blog post she has ever written and I now own every book as well.  I think her honesty is what we love the most.  She's real, she lets us see the good, bad and ugly of her life.  The last year for Bonnie has been hard, but she hung in there and didn't opt out and managed to create another amazing free mystery quilt.  Here's my big reveal of Good Fortune.  Since Mr. Podunk will be the owner of this quilt his opinion matters. We toyed around with the idea (here) of increasing the quilt with borders to try to slow down and lighten the yellow.  But once the final borders were in place we both decided it was fine as is.

As you can see from his den these colors are perfect.  Please excuse the mess, this is one of the rooms we remodeled this year.  Like my office, it's not quite complete.  Mr. Podunk is a very earthy kinda guy.  He's your typical country boy.  Loves fishing, hunting and cold beer by the fire or while dipping his toes in the pond.  His office will have a very manly vibe with a touch of vintage.  As you can see his desk is an old Military desk that has been painted.  It dates to the 1950's.  He purchased this years ago at a auction for $20.

This is the second Bonnie quilt I've made.  Normally I design my own quilts.  If you don't design or don't feel called to design it's hard to describe to others.  My mind is always working up a new quilt. I have hundreds, possibly thousands of ideas saved on paper and in EQ.  So finding time to make someone else's design is something I have to make myself do.  This short breaks in designing actually opens the flood gates for new designs.  Every thing around me inspires quilt designs.  Friends, family, TV, Radio, Nature, shopping, happy times and sad times.  When I'm sad, like when mom lost her battle with cancer 2 yrs ago today, I tend to use darker colors.  This past fall my best friend of 40 yrs passed away and it started a  Black quilting frenzy in my patterns.   So when I think about what Bonnie was going through as she made this quilt I was amazed.  She had a major loss this year, losing her brother to brain cancer.  And somehow she managed to make a very bright quilt.  Really it her version is quite LOUD.  LOL!  All of us quilters are different.  We all put our heart and soles into what we do, quilting. 

Even with mistakes, our creations are a part of us.  I'm not perfect and neither are my quilts.  Thank you Bonnie for inspiring me and so many quilters world wide to step out of our comfort zones of color and design.  Your mystery always challenges me in so many ways.   And I will say with a smile on my face.....I have a love hate relationship with your bulky seams!  I whine about them but the end result is always amazing.  

And for those that think I'm picking on Bonnie's designs and her bulky seams and loud quilt that simply is not true.  First let me say.... imitating is the sincerest form of flattery.  If I did not like Bonnie's quilts I would not make them.  Second, Bonnie herself knows she designs quilts with bulky seams.  She mentions it from time to time.  I am in no way saying her designs are less than because there is bulk.  It is quite the opposite.  Her bulky seams are a challenge and the last time I checked challenging oneself is a good thing.    The snippet below is from Bonnie's En Provence Mystery that I completed.  She and I both brought up the fact of BULKY SEAMS during the construction.  And if  read her blog today you'll see she talks about her LOUD quilt with just those words.

Linking up with the amazing Miss Bonnie today!  Hop over and check out her LOUD quilt and many others.

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  1. wow - you are done already and I like your colors very much

  2. Oh I love the colors you chose to work this mystery in!!

  3. neat! I looked for that mistake yesterday when someone said there was one in it and I couldn't find it - did you fix it or leave it? like your colors - the bulky seams can be a problem so I take the extra time to press my seams open - we all deal with it in our own ways if we want to make a "Bonnie" quilt - she does love color and we all love her

  4. Your version is gorgeous! I have made some of Bonnie's patterns before, but this is the first time I have done one of her mysteries. I am so glad I participated. I had never spun seams despite being a quilter for 24 years and I really love the dimension the string pieces add. In hindsight, I would probably have had more of a contrast between the reds and oranges, but I am still pleased with the outcome. I am just thrilled that I did not buy anything to make the top!!!

  5. Gorgeous!
    That's all I have to say.

  6. This looks amazing! I love the more manly colors in your version. :D

  7. Beautiful job, Lea Anne!!! Some day I'll try one of Bonnie's quilts, but for now, I just enjoy the show. Your own original creations are always beautiful, too, and I don't stop to tell you that often enough.

  8. I love your color choices. Looks fantastic!

  9. Love your colour combination, it is beautiful !

  10. Your quilt turned out really beautiful!


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