Thursday, January 10, 2019

~ Virtual Quilt Show and Quilting Video ~

Most of yesterday was spent quilting on the frame.  I can't wait to show you the finished quilt tomorrow.  Until then how about a little quilt show of my warmer colored quilts.   Yes I work with warmer colors on occasion.  At one time it was my pallet of choice.  Most of you know me for my cool happy colors.  Some have even said my quilts look like they belong to a little girl.  I'll take that as a compliment since I'm knocking on the door of 50 yrs old and have 4 grand children.  This granny didn't feel like digging out all the quilts for a photo shoot so I pulled the photos from my files. 
This first quilt is called Cardinal Christmas.   Designed by me for Mr. Podunk.  I started quilting it and became bored.  Right now its folded up in the closest half quilted.  Every year it goes on the list of UFO's to be finished.

Next is Nostalgic Christmas designed by Lynn Wilder of Sewing in Wild Oaks.  The quilt was designed for panel prints.  Instead of the panel prints for the center of each block I printed vintage Christmas cards onto fabric.   This is one of my favorite quilts, it stays on display in my living room year around.

Chocolate Covered Cherries was made from a layer cake.    A great quilt for cuddling up on the couch.  It is probably the most used quilt in the house besides the one hubby sleeps with every night.

Did you ever have a quilt you just absolutely loved?  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hand appliqued Oak and Reel but it sets in the cabinet of the studio half quilted.  Yep this one was pulled off the frame because I didn't like my quilting design and didn't feel like ripping out stitches.  

The Man Quilt was a challenge quilt.  The challenger?  Mr. Podunk!  He said and I quote "Don't you have any fabric that's not so girly?"  So from this came a conversation about how I never make manly quilts and we didn't have a  usable quilt that wasn't girly.  Oh really? (eye roll)  So I quickly whipped up this MANLY quilt for pouty Mr. Podunk.

The next quilt has no name.  I'm not even sure what sparked the idea for the design.  It too remains not quilted.  It's a gorgeous quilt that finishes at around 65 inches.   I'd love to remake this one in my brighter colors!  

The next two quilts were designed by me while my mom was fighting cancer.  It was something simple I could work on to keep my mind off of the situation.  It also made me feel like I was doing something besides taking her to appointments several times a week.    Mom passed away 2 years ago this week.  I don't regret spending so much time with her in those last few years.  I also don't regret taking a break from her daily care to regroup.  

In order to take care of someone else you have to take care of yourself.   Quilting, from the very first stitch many years ago has been my therapist.   We've stitched our way through the good and the bad.  Every quilt has a story to tell and most of the time the story isn't what you think. 

I can't  leave on a sad story so I'm going to share with you a video I made yesterday.  This was made for the Bailey Home Quilter Facebook group.   Occasionally I'll share video tips for this machine with the group.  Yesterdays video had a couple of tips but its was mainly just for fun to inspire new quilters in the group.  It's hard to talk and quilt so I made more than a couple mistakes....oh well it was still fun.

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  1. watched it on facebook this morning. loved it

  2. Enjoyed the video, Lea Anne! I'm sure Mr. Podunk is going to love this quilt!

  3. Thank you Lea Anne! My husband would love your quilt too!

  4. For Unnamed: Basket Case, Basket's of Love... Just a thought. Lots of beautiful quilts!


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