Sunday, January 27, 2019

~ Squeezing It All In ~

  Sundays are usually pretty laid back with not much sewing.  But this week I wanted to get in a few things before Mr. Podunk rolled out of bed.  I've had many request for the project below to be turned into a pattern.  Ideas had been tossed around in my head of making more blocks but I really just don't want to add any more.  So this morning I gathered up the templates and notes for turning this into a pattern.  I'd like to have it quilted and ready to publish sometime in February.

Then it was time to work on the scrappy quilt that is taking over the studio.  I managed to get two blocks completed this morning so far.  

The stack of block design boards is getting shorter.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel as the sun starts to peek through the studio windows.  Usually on the weekends Mr. Podunk wakes up right after sunrise.  I've been up for 3 hours when he bounces through the dining room heading towards the coffee pot.  In that 3 hours I've done 2 loads of laundry, 2 quilt blocks, prepped for pattern, and drank a half a pot of coffee!

Before breakfast is done I start prepping for lunch.  Sundays is dinner with dad.  Dad doesn't get too many home cooked meals since mom passed.  Weather permitting, I take dad a home cooked meal every Sunday.  I would do it during the week but this ole man still works a full time job, 40-60 hours a week.  Not because he needs the money but because he wants to stay active.  He plans to retire sometime this year at 73.  But even then he has a long list of things he would like to do around the house to keep himself busy.

 Getting everything around here done requires lots of go-go  So lately I have been breaking my own rule of no food or drinks in the studio.  I think after having dinner with dad I'm going to stop by the store to buy a spill proof cup.    One drop of coffee on my pretties would make me so sad.  Better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. mine stays right outside the sewing room door

  2. My coffee cup is on a small table behind me against a wall. When I want a sip, I have to stop, swivel my chair around and scoot back several inches. Then I sip. If I spill, it's going to go on me or on the old carpet. So far I've only ever dribbled on me which is ok. I clean up good and of course, better me than the fabric.

  3. I have my tea or is away from the goodies and yr pin are so creative Lea need to have yr own fabric line and a company to help represent you dear...really...your work is is beautiful...

  4. You stay busy's the only way to get things done too..I'm sure yr dad loves a cooked meal you make...Always love love yr quilts, ideas...all you do...thanks for sharing w all of us


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