Sunday, January 20, 2019

~ Scrap Happy Quilt ~

Now that the studio is back in working order I'm inspired to start a new scrappy quilt.  

Instead of pulling fabric from the shelves I'm pulling from the scrap bins.  Some of these drawers are getting too full.  What's the point in saving scraps if you don't use them, right?  

I've barely made a dent in any of the drawers but it's fun taking a trip down the fabric memory lane.  There's everything from designer fabrics to pajama pants in these drawers.

Reproduction fabrics and Modern prints, there's no rules when it comes to scrap happy quilting.

You've probably noticed I've added two colors to this pull of fabrics that I don't really like using.  PURPLE and ORANGE.   And the color I love using the most is missing.

RED!  There she is!  Red will be my consistent fabric in the quilt.  Of course I'll use my normal background color, white.

Now to start building the blocks on the design boards.  This will be a simple quilt design full of color.  Before going any farther I need to make a test block.  Sometimes a quilt plan will look great on the computer and then become an ugly mess once it's made.  I don't want to end up with 16 ugly blocks.

Edited this post at 10 AM this morning to add a little fun quiz.
 Answer on my Facebook page later today or come back here tomorrow for the answer.

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  1. Love the colors for your scrap quilt. I just watched you studio video. How did you hang to finished quilts you show, looks like a bow at the top.

    1. Each quilt is hung with 2 clear command hooks that hold 4lbs a piece. The hooks are hung side by side. I made a "swing" with clothesline threaded through a curtain rod for the quilt to hang on. Clear as mud? I do a blog post in the next week or so to show how its made.

  2. You do have a lot of scrap pieces and such pretty ones to choose from.I stopped saving small pieces and pass them on to a church thrift store for someone else to enjoy. But the pieces I give away are pretty small.

  3. Love your scrappy rainbow circle, Lea Anne!


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